Apple WWDC 2019 – a $999 Stand, New Mac Pro, WatchOS, iPad OS and iOS 13

  • At WWDC 2019, Apple announced its the latest version of tvOS which will support Xbox and PlayStation controllers.
  • App store is coming to Apple Watch.
  • Apple introduced standalone apps for WatchOS that no longer require companion apps on the iPhone.
  • Apple introduced iOS 13, in which, Face ID unlocking is 30% faster, app downloads are 50% smaller, app updates are 60% smaller, and dark mode.
  • Apple integrated 3D photos into Apple Maps.
  • Apple introduced “Sign in with Apple” similar to Sign in with Google and Facebook. Apple will create a new dummy email id for every sign-in and will not share personal details with third parties.
  • Apple redesigned its Photos app and adds the ability to sort photos basis on Days, Months and Years.
  • Apple introduced a feature called Audio Sharing which simultaneously allows two users to listen to the same music.
  • Apple launched the iPad OS for iPads. Now you can pin widgets on the home screen, adds the multi-window capability to apps, direct support for USB drives and SD cards, ability to import photos from DSLR, file arrangements which allow cut, copy, paste, and folder hierarchies and new gestures in the iPad.
  • Apple introduced new Mac Pro a $5999 PC, Pro Display a $4999 display and a $999 Pro stand. Mac Pro has Intel Xenon 28-core processor and RAM can be upgraded up to 1.5 TB.
  • iTune is splitting into three apps – Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV.
  • Apple introduced “Sidecar” which let you use an iPad as a second display for Mac.

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