Virtual Makeup, Google Photos Unlimited Storage is Going Away & OnePlus 8T

  • You can mute a WhatsApp chat forever. – WhatsApp
  • Google launched a VPN. Yes, Google whose core business is selling personalizing Ads by tracking users over the internet. However, It’s still unclear how Google is going to handle that data. Are they going to track it or not? But Google is pushing it’s VPN service by bundling it with Google One plan. But it is a good option if you are already on Google One plan and have to use a public Wi-Fi network. – Google
  • 2020 is the year of the virtual world. Next on the line-up is makeup. Loreal Paris is launching an entire line of makeup that you can try on before buying on your preferred social media app like Instagram & Snapchat. Take it one step further and you can use the virtual make for your Zoom meetings without ever spending a dime.

    Instructions –
    Snapchat – Go to the L’Oreal Paris Official Snapchat page @lorealparis and click on the lenses tab to see and select your favorite Signature Faces look.

    Instagram – Go to the L’Oreal Paris Official Instagram page @lorealparis and click on the filters tabs to start browsing the Signature Faces looks.

    Zoom – Snapcam will allow you to use the Signature Faces looks on a large choice of video call platforms directly on your computer. – Loreal
  • Tired of getting spam emails?

    Now you can take revenge and spam them back with just one click.

    MSCHF launched a tool called “You’ve Got Spam”. Head over to their website, download the tool and next time you see spam, Spam them back. – MSCHF
  • WhatsApp launched a storage management tool within WhatsApp. The tool categorizes media like “Forwarded many times” and “Larger than 5 MB.” The idea is to make it easier to find only the media you really want to get rid of. Access this tool in Settings > Storage and data > Manage storage. – wersm
  • In 2018, Google switched its corporate code of conduct from “Don’t be evil” to “Do the right thing”. At that time Google actually meant that. Google Photos has always been a lucrative place to store photos/videos because of its promise of Free Unlimited Storage. Now Google bundling Google Drive & Photos storage and putting a cap of 15 GB on it. If you need more storage, you have to buy a subscription.

    Changes will take effect from June 1, 2021. And Google will start counting 15 GB quota towards uploads after that date. Anything you store before June 1, 2021 will fall under unlimited promise.

    Is it the right thing to do? Maybe. But a wider concern is the practice of tech companies with deeper pockets killing their competition. Offer service for free or at low cost and kill your competition. Then start charging customers. Maybe now it will be a fair fight for Dropbox or Box to compete with Google Drive. – Google
  • The Google Fit app on Android or iOS lets you view a summary of your walk or run on a map, along with pace and mile markers. Maybe now you don’t have to keep two separate apps as I had to do. Goodbye! Nike Run. – Google
  • OnePlus launched OnePlus 8T, a $749 smartphone. Its screen has a 120 Hz refresh rate, Snapdragon 865 with 5G, full-day power in 15 minutes charge & 48 MP camera. – OnePlus
  • If you are planning to buy one, you can watch MKBHD review of OnePlus 8T.
  • LG is thinking out-of-box and they came up with this weird looking phone called “LG Wing”. – LG
Source: LG
  • Google launched Pixel 5, a $699 phone. This time Google is sticking to basics and removing features like Lidar that no one used on Pixel 4. MKBHD ReviewGoogle

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