Crypto Card, Crypto Point-of-Sale(PoS) System, and Dunning Kruger Effect

  • Coinbase launches Crypto Debit Card in the UK. Crypto Card is developed in collaboration with Visa and can be used in all the places which accept Visa – Coinbase
  • Security vs Complexity – Andreas explains how we all suffer from “Dunning-Kruger” effect and how we make an audacious decision based on the known information without considering the consequences or without looking at the full picture. The idea of “Being Your Own Bank” is flawed because most of the people don’t understand what a bank does and how. Another example – After the 9/11 attack, the number of people traveling by car quadrupled knowing the fact that chances of hitting a road accident are 19 times more than Airplane accident.
  • launched a PoS(Point-of-sale) service called Bitcoin Cash Merchant on Android platform. This free app allows anyone to start accepting Bitcoin Cash without any registration. – Google Play
  • Paytomat payment gateway enables merchants to accept 18 cryptocurrencies using their existing equipment. – paytomat
  • launched a PoS which allows customers to select menu and pay in BCH in simple three steps – Firstly, scan the table’s Barcode. Secondly, Order from the menu. Lastly, Pay for the order in BCH. –
  • In cryptocurrency, a lot of people get confused over Privacy and Anonymity. Monero(XMR) is a privacy-focused decentralized coin which can be mined through the normal computer. Get to know what is Monero and how it works.
  • Microsoft launched an open source project called “ion” which deals with underlying mechanics of how network talk to each other. Currently, ion is running on bitcoin testnet and will shift to mainnet later this year. – GithubCoindesk

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