Facebook’s Libra Coin Hype, Custom BCH Address, and Sending Crypto Through Telegram

  • findbitcoin.cash let you create and play Bitcoin Cash treasure hunt in three simple steps. First, print out a paper wallet. Second, top-up with it some BCH. Third, hide it somewhere in the world and share the location hints on the website. – findbitcoin.cash
  • Bitcoin.com launched Bitcoin Cash Register app for merchants(PoS) on both Android and iOS platform. This easy to set up and free of cost app would let merchants accept 150+ fiat currencies. – news.bitcoin.com
  • Bitnovo launched Bitsa Prepaid Card which can hold up to 8 cryptocurrencies. Bitsa can be used to pay anywhere Visa is accepted and withdraw cash from ATMs. You don’t even need to have a bank account to order Bitsa Card. – Bitnovo
  • Vanity.cash lets you create custom BCH address – vanity.cash
  • Crypto community now has its own url shortener – BCH.gg
  • Apple is all set to introduce CryptoKit in iOS 13 – theblockcrypto.com
  • With public and open blockchain like Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash blockchain, privacy is one of the key concern for crypto users. CashShuffle brings privacy enhancement to the Bitcoin Cash via shuffling your BCH with other participants in a decentralized manner making it difficult for the chain analysis companies to follow your transaction. – cashshuffle
  • If you have been following the hype of Facebook launching Libra coin and thinking it would make a dent in the crypto community then you are wrong. Facebook’s Libra coin is neither a true cryptocurrency nor a threat to bitcoin or any other public blockchain. It’s a threat to the central banks but they are not realizing it yet.
  • Both Bitcoin’s price and the fee is on rise. Guess Bitcoin Fee allows you can guess average Bitcoin’s 24-hrs average fee and win Bitcoin Cash(BCH) guessbitcoinfees.com
  • Now, Electron Cash users can directly send BCH to any mobile number from the app. – Electron CashCoin Text

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