Family Link, LinkedIn Salary Tool and How Google Tracks Your Personal Information

  • Facebook Messenger gives users the ability to remove message for everyone up to 10 minutes after the delivery. While the message can be deleted for everyone a “tombstone” message will remain indicating that you have removed the message – Facebook
  • Tesla beats Mercedes Benz in terms of numbers of units sold in q3. Tesla sold 69,925 units in the states, whereas, Mercedes-Benz sold 66,542 units. – Motorbeam
  • An app called “Genies” will let you clone your self. Your clone can hang out with your friend’s clone and express feelings on your behalf – Genies
  • LinkedIn launched a “LinkedIn Salary” tool in India, which allows users to compare salaries with others who have the same designation and locality – LinkedIn
  • Google launched an app called “Family Link” which allows parents to stay in the loop as their child explores online. Parents will be able to track activities(how much time are kids spending on which app), hide inappropriate apps, control in-app purchases, and set time limits on the device usage – Family link
  • Google is shutting down its messaging app “Allo” and integrating its features in Messages and Google Assistant – wersm
  • Not satisfied with the content recommendation engine of Netflix? Use this cheat sheet to explore all the hidden content according to subgenre – wersm
  • Last year, a 7-year old kid made $22 million by playing with his toys, thanks to YouTube – Forbes
  • Uber is diversifying and it wants Uber Eats to become an Ad company, how, by selling Ad spaces in the app. In order to bring down the cost of delivery, Uber has started giving discounts to users who will order food within a time limit and incentivize users, if you and your neighbor order food from the same restaurant at the same time – Tech Crunch
  • Volvo, the car manufacturer, is getting into the subscription business. Pay $500/month and drive any Volvo – Bloomberg
  • People tell Google things they confess nowhere else — not to their spouses, doctors, or shrinks. How Google tracks your personal information – Medium

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