Focals ByNorth, Wells Fargo’s Outage, and Samsung S10 Event

  • Tesla launched ‘Sentry’ modes for Dog owners. Sentry mode ensures the air conditioning running even after the driver the exits – Newser
  • “Bitcoin will not survive”, “Bitcoin is going nowhere”, “Bitcoin is a fraud.” – Those all are the quotes from Jamie Dimon, CEO of J.P. Morgan. Now, he announced J.P. Morgan’s own blockchain-based currency, JPM Coin – CNBC
  • Wells Fargo’s(fourth largest US bank by assets) outage demonstrates why we should move to cryptocurrencies because it is unstoppable – Forbes
  • ByNorth did what Google dreamed of Google Glasses. Focal ByNorth are smart glasses for the consumer just like a sci-fi movie – YouTube
  • How Vignelli map(one which we see at metro stations) is used to influence and change the mindset of people towards subways and trains. Vignelli maps are used all around the globe and everyone likes it except New Yorkers – YouTube
  • Facebook adds the ability to block location access when the app is not in use
  • Samsung launched “Galaxy Fold” a 7.3-inch “foldable” smartphone with a price tag of $1980. Galaxy Fold can run three different apps simultaneously. Samsung also launched Galaxy S10e, S10, S10+ with a storage capacity of 1 TB, 12 GB RAM and wireless charging[capable of charging iPhone, wink, wink (*_- )]
  • After copying Snapchat, Instagram has started copying Pinterest by allowing users to make their private “collections” public
  • Apps like Google Maps and Uber can easily locate our live location but 911 can’t. Why so? Companies like Google, Apple, and a few other tech firms are trying to accurately pinpoint location up to 2.8 meters even inside a building tower. – WSJ

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