MWC 2019, Google Travel Planner and Welcome Spotify & YouTube Music in India

  • LG launched “G8”, whose half of the screen is front-facing earpiece(for calls). LG also introduced “vain id”, which can be used to unlock the phone by a hand wave, uses vain pattern in the blood to unlock the phone.
  • Microsoft launched HoloLens 2. This uber cool Iron Man tech is meant for professionals who don’t use computers on daily basis. Like Doctors or Military? (because Microsoft has a contract with the military)
  • Mad about Cameras! Nokia just launched a phone with 5 cameras
  • Nubia launched a wearable phone
  • Market is exploding with foldable phones. So far, Huawei is leading the race with Mate X
  • Spotify launches music service in India – Spotify
  • To compete with Spotify, Google launched YouTube Music in India – YouTube Music
  • Google squeezed “Offline Dictation AI” into its keyboard app so that speech recognization can work offline – TNW
  • Have a budget in mind but don’t know where to go? These newly launched google flight and hotel feature can help you in planning your next trip – wersm
  • Spotify launched “Spotify for Creatives”, which knows more than you about your listening habits – wersm
  • Facebook Messenger gives users the ability to quote and reply to specific messages in a conversation.
  • Instagram is trying to close a gap between Social Media and E-Commerce by launching “In-App Checkout” for shopping post – Buzz Feed

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