Uber Reputation Matters, Dynamic Emails in Gmail, Mixed-mode Directions & Real-time Travel Time in Google Maps

  • Screensharing is the one feature which we often use on our laptops for various purposes like a presentation or asking a friend for troubleshooting. Skype’s mobile app brings the same screen sharing feature to the Android and iOS app. To use this feature, while on a call, click on the three-dot menu and select Share Screen option. – blog.skype
  • Till now, most of the emails are static. We can’t interact with emails as we do with the websites. But Google is launching Dynamic emails in Gmail where users will be able to interact with the content within the email instead of clicking on links. – toms guide
  • Have you ever paid attention to your Uber account rating? If not, now is a good time to start because a low rating can get you banned from using the app. Uber is already using this feature in the US and Canada – wersm
  • Have you ever wondered on what basis Instagram shows you Ads or what Instagram thinks about your likes? – Go to – Settings > Security > Access Data > Ads and get surprised!
  • Now you will know when your favorite Instagram influencer collaborates with brands. Instagram will also allow advertisers to promote organic branded content as feed Ads. – wersm
  • With Telegram’s latest update, users can control who can see his/her phone number and who can’t.
  • Telegram already had the option to broadcast messages but there was no way for the users to have to a discussion around it. With the latest update, Telegram adds the discussion ability in the channels/groups. Each new post in the broadcast group will be automatically forwarded to and pinned in the discussion group.
  • Anyone with a link to Telegram’s public channel can view the channel from the web without having an account. – Telegram
  • Especially for India, Google Maps can now tell you about bus travel time based on live traffic.
  • Now you can see real-time status of trains with in Google Maps.
  • Google Maps has started showing mixed-mode directions results in India that include public transport and auto-rickshaws – india.googleblog.com
  • Pinterest launched the desktop app for Windows 10 – medium

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