Web 3.0, Facebook’s Market Domination and Profitable Tesla

  • Unlike Facebook, Twitter is allowing users to decide whether they want to see algorithmic feed or switch back to chronological feed –
  • Facebook is doing what it does best – putting Ads everywhere – even on WhatsApp “Status”. – wersm
  • It took 15 years, but finally, Tesla is profitable – CNBC
  • Welcome to the web 3.0. What is decentralization and why it matters? – Medium
  • WhatsApp launched five new features – WhatsApp stickers, silent mode, swipe to reply, private reply, and group video calls – Financial Express
  • Social Media sitter is for real? Ibis hotels in Switzerland provide professional Instagrammers who will shoot, edit, and post on your Instagram while you relax and really appreciate your weekend – wersm
  • Facebook, who is famous for shamelessly copying other products, this time cloned tik-tok and launched a similar app called Lasso – wersm
  • Samsung launched “One UI”, an Android skin, so that you can use your 6-inch smartphone with one hand – Android Authority
  • Samsung launched the world’s first foldable smartphone – YouTube
  • Meet this Chinese news anchor(powered by AI and Machine Learning) which can copy your favorite news anchor and can accompany you 24 hours in a day and 365 days non-stop – Guardian
  • An app called “Mindstrong Health” can tell you if you are depressed even before you know it – Mindstrong Health
  • Christmas is coming. Watch out how brick and mortar stores trick you to spend more. examples – putting credit into your account, buy one get one free, and a free gift with purchase. – Vox
  • How Facebook destroyed empathy and ripped apart a generation – YouTube

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