What is Blockchain, Sending BCH Through SMS, WhatsApp & Telegram, and Facebook’s Globalcoin

  • What is Blockchain? – the technology behind cryptocurrencies. For example – Bitcoin. In this video, Nate Martin explains what is blockchain and how it works. Ideal for anyone who wants to understand how crypto works.
  • bitcoinfees.cash lets you track median transaction fee for both BTC and BCH.
  • Step by step guide of proving the ownership of a BCH address and signing Digital Signature – news.bitcoin.com
  • notary.bitcoin.com allows people to record a document or file on Bitcoin Cash(BCH) blockchain with less than 5 cents. Step by step guide is available here.
  • Crescent cash uses can send BCH via Text Message even if that person doesn’t have a BCH wallet. – news.bitcoin.com
  • Now you can send crypto over WhatsApp and Telegram using lite.im
  • Fungibility is one of the core components of currency but why is it important? In this video, Andreas Aantonop explains the role of fungibility and how privacy plays an important role.
  • It’s being a year since Facebook has acquired a blockchain company called Chainspace. Since then it is working on its own secret crypto project called Libra. But will it make a difference in crypto space or make a dent in bitcoin growth? The answer is No. One of the reasons behind the success of bitcoin or any cryptocurrency is decentralization and open, and borderless, which Facebook’s coin wouldn’t possess. Also, when it comes to privacy, Facebook is the last company to trust with your data.
  • Bitcoin.com wallet adds inbuilt functionality to convert Bitcoin Core to Bitcoin Cash(BCH) – news.bitcoin.com

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